I think that is as close as one can get to replication the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme.  Here is the Devils Tower; right behind me, right now.

That right there is camping hair…

We had an easy drive today, only two hours from Buffalo to Huelett and the ‘are we there yet’ boy slept nearly the whole way.  He woke up crabby this morning, when he wakes up crabby it is important to lay low until it passes.  The car nap helped a lot.  Hanna is suffering a sunburn (bad mommy) and has been applying Solarcaine pretty liberally all day so we were grateful to see this in our horizon:

It really is much bigger than I thought it would be.

Here is the igneous intrusion having a little Close encounter with Hanna and Fox (Hanna and Fox’s last name is Close…so we have been milking that joke for all it is worth today.)

Hanna and I had a swim while Fox did a bit of this:

Every evening at dusk the KOA in Devils Tower shows Close Encounters under the stars, I am so glad of this because I have been trying to download it all week with no luck and I feel that a viewing of the film is absolutely necessary for them to fully appreciate this stop.

Tomorrow, Fox finally gets to see Mount Rushmore.  He has developed a very odd interest in Lincoln this week and is very excited to see ‘Mr. Prez’.  What a nutter.